Saturday, April 26, 2014

W is for Water

After several times were either the water doesn't come or the power is out, I have determined I'd rather be without power than without water.

Huruta's pretty lucky. The town is surrounded by rivers and while most of them dry up in the dry season one still runs. We usually have water, and if it does disappear it's never been more than a week. I've gotten pretty good at rationing and limiting my use. I can make ten liters last while, even with washing dishes and a few pieces of laundry.

It not uncommon for my compound to not get water 24/7, especially during the dry season but that time of year in the early mornings and evenings the faucet usually gurgles enough to fill our buckets. Even if, like we had to do for awhile like last month, the water only came around 4 am and we had to be awake to get it.


Cedar Ridge said...

One of our students commented, "I think that is a very important thing and I respect getting up at 4 am to get water." Visiting from A to Z Challenge at Learning at Cedar Ridge Academy and Cedar Ridge Academy

Corinne said...

I love rough traveling, but I do not like it when there isn't water!

Lila Asnani said...

Challenging adventures you're having in Ethiopia. What a learning and great experience. Stay safe and hydrated. I think I would rather be without power than water too.

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