Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. (Or it was when I wrote this/planned to publish it.)

Honestly, I can't remember much as to what I did for it when I was back in the States. (Except for maybe that Darth Vadar Dark Hour thing).  But I do know here thing are more the most part Earth friendly already.  Probably has something to do with Ethiopia being 85% agricultural and it has tons of mini wildlife parks.  (Like Dera, where I saw hyenas!)  Or maybe it has to do with the lack of modern conveniences. I remember a friend telling me at home that modern plumbing wastes so much water. Well, here I can take a spot bath with just 500ml.

Strangely proud of that, but not sure I should be.

I do know that Pintrest exploded with Earth Day school activities, but many weren't feasible here.  Still, I decided to do something with my English Writing Club.

On Thursday (when we meet) we made posters.  Each student picked an object in nature and wrote on the top of the poster 'Earth Day is for -----------' and then underneath did 1) an acrostic poem and 2) draw a picture of the item and filled it will facts.

Yesterday, I went around school putting them up.  Which was a bit harder than I excepted because I thought the outer walls of the classrooms were mud. I wanted to fill a single wall with the 20 some posters we made. Turns out too, that not all of the classrooms have mud dividing wall and it's pretty much impossible to force a staple into cement. At least the door frames are wooden. 

I ended up putting one in every 7th and 8th grade classroom, and a few extras in 6th grade ones and one by the student shai bet. Ahem, sorry, Amharic slips into everyday use. I mean tea house. Though it's really just a room. Could have just put all the posters in there, but the door was locked. :/


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