Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Things I learned when reading the PC Ethiopian Handbook

  1. I want to be on PAC, an committee that analysis the Peace Corps program in country.
  2. I'm not a PC employee, but rather an employee of the Ethiopian government. Specifically the Ministry of Magic, ahem, Ministry of Education. PC just supports me financially and legally in cases where I'm a victim of a physical crime. Thus, I do not have diplomatic immunity. I really want to get a copy of all Ethiopian laws now, as I have to follow all of them in addition to US laws while here.
  3. I'm not allowed to write an article about my Peace Corps experience and sell it to a magazine until I COS.
  4. I can be released from service if my community thinks I have a drug problem, even if I've never done drugs. Image is really important here. Maybe it wasn't a good thing I left my make-up in the States.....
  5. I should avoid talking about host country politics.
  6. I am not allowed a pet dog or cat. (or monkey or lion)
  7. I can go to the states for vacation and while there have my teeth checked, and have PC foot the bill.


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