Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just a quick heads up, I'm in Addis for a dentist appointment. I chipped my tooth, and with it being common to find rocks and/or small bones in your food, it's no wonder. I always freak out though when I bit a rock of salt. Things crumble in your mouth and your first instinct is to swallow and make sure your teeth are ok. It makes me nervous every time. What also has me in a tizzy is my LPI next week, a test to gage my proficiency in Amharic. We've gone through the book in my Amharic classes, and we've covered all the topics grammatically and vocab wise I think I did in all four years of high school Spanish. We'll see how I do. Peace Corps requires us to be Novice-High, but I'm hoping for Novice-Expert, just to have a goal here. I'm also nervous about our swearing in ceremony next Friday. It'll be televised. Totally thought it would be small thing at the embassy, but apparently it'll be pretty huge.


Annalisa Crawford said...

Good luck with your test, although it sounds like you're confident! In fact you sound more nervous about the swearing in ceremony :-)

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