Wednesday, July 16, 2014

One Week Left at Site!

Next Wednesday, I'll be hopping on a bus and leaving Huruta forever. Well, hopefully not. People keep asking when I'll return and I don't know what to say.  I have to finish my masters, then get a job, and save up money.  People here keep telling me five years is enough time, but who knows.

It doesn't quite feel real that I'm leaving, not yet, but I've noticed that as I get older and travel more.  I don't anticipate and look forward to things as much.  It didn't quite hit me that I was coming here till my mom dropped me off at the airport, and it didn't hit me how long 27 months was till I was sitting on my bed in my host family's house. I'm expecting things to be the same way here. I'm going around to houses for final meals and saying goodbye, giving away small things like extra spices, books, and kitchen supplies. Still doesn't feel like goodbye for a really long time. But I'll probably be holding back tears getting on the bus.

I am however, very much aware of the following:

Things I'll Miss When I Return to America:

ñ  My wonderful landlady, Dani, and her entire family who welcomed me with open arms
ñ  Yigibashal, a teacher, and her daughter Beti, who were also a surrogate family.
ñ  Going to a suk for bread, being told they're out, and then ordered to wait while they bought some form a store around the corner to sell to me.
ñ Wynshit and her family, for feeding me lunch and bunna every time I stopped by and Mita, the compound child for amazing hugs.
ñ  Visiting a suk, oh maybe every three months, and having the owner ask after my crocheting projects.
ñ  The ability to skip lines, be served first, and allowed to do things others can't because I'm a foreigner. As much as I want to be treated like those around me, sometimes ferengi power is awesome.
ñ  A pretty high life style, relative to others around me.  Most of the people I visit with don't have an electric kettle. Or visit the bigger cities on a regular basis. Or hit up the internet bet every week.
ñ  Bunna ceremonies, shokola t'ibs, tagabeno and other yummy food.
ñ  Playing soccer just to play. It got so competitive in the States.
ñ  Man, the starry sky in my backyard is amazing.

ñ  Juice. It's fresh here and oh so good. More like a smoothy than anything else.

Things I Won't Miss When I Return to America:
ñ  Being asked to personally sponsor programs because since I'm a foreigner I have lots of money.  I might be able to eat out more that you, Mr. Youth and Sport Office, but my shoes are still holey and I don't have that type of cash in my bank account.  Buy your own soccer ball.
ñ  Not having a sink.
ñ  Days of no power.
ñ  Doing laundry by hand.
ñ  The creepy night noises, though to be fair I'm pretty friendly with the compound mouse nowadays when he shows up.
ñ  Confusion about dates and times because everyone will use the same system in the States.
ñ  Roosters in the latrine. Or roosters anywhere crowing all the time.
ñA lack of logical thinking.
ñ  Getting sandblasted by dirt.
ñ  Being stared at, all the time.


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