Saturday, December 7, 2013


Because you don't see my smiling face enough, I had to give you the option ^_~

1) Me in my house and compound. With a bit of cultural shenanigans for a holiday.  Watch me speak Amharic! Wash dishes! And jump a bonfire!

2) Me making coffee in a traditional setting, complete with costume. I swear, cultural dresses have way to many layers for an African country.

Sorry, Blogger won't let up embedded this one.

Many thanks to Carlin at Ferengi No Habesha for making these two for me.

3) I love the trip to my site, its a great 30-40 minutes down a dirt road with hills and mountains. I don't think this stop motion video does it enough justice, but hey, local music!


JRJ said...

Enjoyable and interesting videos. Thanks!

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