Saturday, August 31, 2013

Being in Addis

One of the cool things about living in Ethiopia, or perhaps any place abroad, is that I'm always surprised by something and learning new things.  Many are those which strike me as odd, and so I have to take pictures.

 It specifically says not for sale, and yet this is a supermarket doing just that. For those of you who also donate clothes to Africa, they also end up in the hands of people selling them.  Or I've heard of a Salvation Army shipment of clothes being burned.
Yes, this is hail.  And it came without warning.  I was in a line taxi and it just parked and no one got out during the 20 minutes it came down. Large hail pieces too, like the size of my thumbnail. They crunch when you walk on them, and cause lots of traffic for humans and cars.  During the hail, everything just stopped, plus there was construction nearby.  We all just walked in the street weaving between cars.

I've seen hail in country before, but it always strikes me as odd. Cuz, well, this is Africa.


Annalisa Crawford said...

I've heard before that some of the clothes we donate don't actually get to the people who need them. It's a shame, because it puts people off trying to help. Perhaps they don't need help in the way we think they do?

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