Thursday, May 16, 2013



Being a camp guru is exhausting.

I've wanted to hold a mini camp for awhile, so just before Easter I sat down with a counterpart to start planning. We determined that camp should be in June, not August.

This means a lot of running around doing quick planning. But in this week we managed to get together a budget, submit our grant, order t-shirts, find a location (a old recreation center that recently reopened, who also has plans in the future for a swimming place. I swear, Huruta is the best site ever) and get permission for a field trip to Adama University with lunch included.

Now we just have to plan our sessions and select girls to attended.

I'm actually really excited for camps. I'm helping with two this summer, a massive multi-PCV event in Bekoji come the second week of July and my Huruta local one the third week in June. Both are GLOW camps, Girls Leading Our World. In Bekoji, we're focusing on girls just finishing grades 8th and 9th. In Huruta, it's all 12th graders and it's a university prep camp.

There are 64 girls in 12th grade. Maybe 32 will pass into university. And according to national stats, 22 of those girls will drop out during their first year. I'm hoping to reduce that number, obviously. Hopefully it works.

But it all comes down to this crazy planning. Gotta talk to a doctor this week, see if he wants to volunteer to do a session of family planning. And pay for the shirts. Finish reading that life skills manual. Do some research.

Can't wait for my vacation at the end of June.


Annalisa Crawford said...

Sorry I haven't visited your blog for a while - my writing has taken off a little bit, and in between writing well and then wailing because all the words are hideous, I haven't had chance for much else.

The camps sounds wonderful, especially the 12th grade one. I can't believe the drop-out rate is so high - I really hope you can help with that.

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