Friday, February 8, 2013

A random re-cap

Ah, Friday.

It's been a busy week. Okay, not really, but an informative one.

I've been in Assella for training, some on experience sharing and project ideas. I actually was thinking about them in a time line. 2nd semester will be when I focus on my Creative Writing club. And then 1st semester next year would be when I brought into play my phonics project, after hopefully getting funds this semester and over the summer. (I actually know nothing about phonics other than it's very much needed here, anyone have resources they could send my way?) And then would be a reading project, involving classes competing that I would have to pilot and do 2nd semester next year......

Suddenly, I was thinking my time here might not be enough. What can I do in only three semesters? I want to do more than implement projects. I want to do them, and then slowly pass the reigns. I need more time!

It was a rather scary, almost sacrilegious thought. Common conversations between PCVSis varies forms of complaining – food, culture, work, what we miss about good ole 'Merica. It doesn't help that this week I learned of two more PCVs ETing. One of my G7 mates is not back in the States, as well as one of my Huruta PCTs. Sad sad. Most people look forward to leaving, already have count downs. And I have plans to keep come 2014.

Thinking about staying shocked me.

Straight to the point where I decided I was crazy and it was a result of not feeling 100% this week. Had I been at site, I probably would have been the most lazy person and not get out to bed. Training however encouraged me to get up, take some meds, and show up to sessions. Not the worse I've felt since coming here (hello Doxcy side effects) but I've been better.

As always, the best part of these trainings is seeing people you normally don't and informally plan or improve projects. It helped immensely that the last two days this week was a Project Design and Management training that is awesome enough to the point I could see myself as a future team trainer, doing contract work for varies companies around the world giving them similar training. But maybe that was because some parts were easier than others and I spent a lot of time crocheting. Half way done with the next strip for my blanket! And made TWO hats on Wednesday.

What is also cool is that I now have books and school supplies. Took a car-sick inducing trip to Huruta and back during lunch (and a bit more causing me to be late for the afternoon sessions) to deliver them to my kitchen (still keeping my fingers crossed for an office. Some day.), but doable to have supplies and not have to worry about carrying them myself on public transportation. Not gonna happen. No way.

So, since I have been in Assella this week, you've gotten lots of blog posts from me. Don't get used to it. I have to get back to work. There's all those semester projects. And maybe two summer camps this summer....

And all the GMAT studying. And A-Z challenge writing.

Really need to stop watching TV and movies on my computer.

Or just give up my 9 hours of sleep a night. I used to get by with 7-6, I could get back in that habit.


Annalisa Crawford said...

It's really fantastic that you've got all these ideas to help - being enthusiastic about what you're doing will make the time fly. I can't quite understand people who take on such a challenge then spend their time waiting for it to end.

I've just realised I haven't watched your video yet. It's still in my Google Reader list - but I never have chance to watch it. Soon, I promise :-)

Anonymous said...

It's SO awesome that you have ideas & so many plans to contribute. The community is very lucky to have you!

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