Friday, January 25, 2013

Shint Bet User Levels

Western toilets are rare here. And when I do come across them, I almost prefer the shint bet (translated to 'pee room') even though most of them are just cement flooring with a hole in the middle and mud walls.  Might have something to do with the lack of good plumbing here. A shint bet will always work, a western toilet won't.

Shint Bet User Level 1

  • Knows when the shint bet is occupied. (Closed doors aren't a universal sign of an occupied bathroom apparently.)
  • Carries own toilet paper.
  • Can hit the hole for #1.
Shint Bet User Level 2

  • 'Nothing but net' for #1 and can hit the hole for #2.
  • Can, if need be, squat for the needed amount of time without getting sore thighs.
  • Doesn't mind using the shint bet at night.
 Shint Bet User Level 3
  • Can hit the hole for both uses consistently.
  •  Doesn't need a light to place feet and hit the hole at night.
  • Doesn't mind not having toilet paper.

Made it to level three last week!


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Oh Lord, you are so brave. It would take me forever to deal with that :D
- Liwi

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